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I love the two sisters behind this label.
I love the alien/ghost/indian/japanese slasher/scary inspiration they use.
I love the shoes...always.
I love the presentation.
I LOVE the Target collection!!!
I love the new takes, with the best parts staying consistent.
I really just love the clothes.

Rodarte A/W 2010 tfs
Rodarte for Target. (the selection containing the three dresses i have, the tights, and the sweater. Oh, and the belt!)

Don't you love them too?!


i have recently begun to think about bloomers.  They are a rather interesting clothing item to begin with, and one that seems to be having a peculiar return to the fashion world.  I of course, find them to be awesome.  I love short shorts, and i love voluminous articles of clothing, so the combination has me giddy.

this fabulous butt-shot is actually Peaches Geldof, a rather cool cucumber.  
I have been eyeing these for a couple of months now at American Apparell, but i have never really been able to justify any of their prices in my mind...yay jobless teenagerdom.

But really, what do you think about the bloomer? should it stay under wraps?(hahahaha so punny, i just couldn't help myself...)

Bridge #6

My neighborhood is a couple blocks away from an interesting bike path.  It isn't exactly scenic, mostly it goes past sketchy houses, or muddy grosstastic bayou water.  I don't know how bayous look in the rest of the world, but ours here in Houston are nasty.  They are gray, and smelly, have shopping carts in them, and concrete walls to stop erosion; basically an eyesore if there ever was one.  Ah, back to the point...
So i often times go on bike rides, to clear my head and just get away from everything for a while; and one time i stumbled upon this great bridge.  It burned down a long time ago, but is still standing although no longer in use.  But i love the damn thing anyways, i suppose its because i sometimes love really ugly-beautiful things.  
You know, ugly-beautiful like ankle socks, and bugs in amber. I probably don't even have to say that i am a rambler(it should be perfectly clear from the life story printed above), but the point i was slowly moving towards was that i took some pictures of the bridge and decided to make a post about them!
Look at the cool shot of the city in the upper right corner of the below picture!!!
See, look at that lovely bayou, such beautiful gray murky waters!



Freja Beha Erichson is one of my two favorite models.  I especially love her tattoos.  I also adore the picture of her in the McQueen shoes(crazy snake shoes) and this last one with the great Prada dress.

Post 5-year-old Madness

This is what i wore after i came home from work yesterday. 

Thrifted Victorias Secret slip, vintage belt, forever 21 lace-up flats, and my new thrifted backpack!



(un-recognizable noises meant to signify cuteness)

Take a Seat

Warning: Image Heavy Post

inspiration awaits you...hopefully