Positive Negatives


Couture-Life Embellished

All pics. TFS

Snakes and Sunsets

Too Short.

This was me and my friends about a year ago. We have a damn good time together.
(I'm the one in Navy)


He was perfection. All pictures Alexander McQueen.

Change in the Weather

I love this picture.  It's a WWII picture. Isn't it glorious?

"So why do i see a glorious fucking, headfuck thing?"

Kaya Scodelario

She's a bitch. She's crazy. Its fucking amazing. Big fan of skins. Its a throw down, no holds barred insane mind fuck of a show. You can tell straight from episode one that its going to give you a dose of adrenaline with every second, i think if i had a pair of balls it'd be like getting kicked in 'em. If that doesn't interest you then it's got plenty of my number one necessary show attribute: hot boys. not only that, but they have English accents. Yumm
 Effy-Seasons 1-4
 Tony-Seasons 1-2
 Cook-Seasons 3-4
 Freddy-Seasons 3-4
Matty-Season 5


Here i am. back after trying to find myself. just your regular cliché of a teenage girl. some things that  look to to keep my spirits high when the days are trying and the people are...well in high school.