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Take a Seat

Warning: Image Heavy Post

inspiration awaits you...hopefully


You know who rocks? Carey Mulligan!

She is a phenomenal actor, is dating Shia Lebouf, is rocking the pixie cut, and best of all wore that fabulous Prada dress to the oscars! (the one with the utensils on it!!!!!)

A shot from her movie, An Education. (it was truly remarkable)

Natalia Vodanova in Italian Vogue. Her hair is crazy like mine. and i love the innocent elegance she portrays here.

I love this picture.  It is the picture of Evelyn Mchale, a 23 year-old woman who killed herself by jumping from a New York City skyscraper.  It is a very morbid picture, but it is also so painfully beautiful.  The way that she looks so delicate and peaceful in the midst of the wreckage that her body caused is so riveting i cant stand it.

My Top Three

My three favorite designers (as of today) are Rodarte, Alexander McQueen, and Miu Miu. Looking through all of their wonderful and creative shows is a large source of my inspiration and i always look forward to seeing what these amazing minds come up with biannually.

I adore Rodarte, their shows are some of the few in which i love every single piece.  I would literally wear ANY piece of Rodarte i could get my hands on. (also can you find any way NOT to love those sharpie arm tattoos?!)

Alexander McQueen (R.I.P.)
He was my favorite. He is my favorite. McQueen never ceased to create the kind of work worthy of a museum gallery.  His artwork was thrilling, beautiful, and controversial.  His presentation was phenomenal, and i think the world has suffered a huge loss at his departure.

Miu Miu



I know you are desperate to understand the above acronym, so follow this link! profanity awaits you!!!
If you are not of the desperate nature then here is a sample of my favorite parts of this website...
LOVE THESE TWO! ^ my little pony highlights are my new favorite thing i will obsess over, but not actually get, and MKO! i mean YES!
Green/Blue hair. Its currently my thing, i will post some pictures as soon as i redye it next week!
Happy F***ing Friday!


Oh Joe

These are the magnificent Joe Riding Boots by Jeffrey Campbell.  I simply will perish if they dont find their way onto my feet. i mean i WILL DIE, you think i exaggerate? well my friends, THINK AGAIN. this is so serious i am ABUSING CAPITALIZATION. yeah, thats right. They are the shimmery jewel to my crown of existence.  With them i will romp around the world making great things happen, based in part on my excellent footwear.  My life picture is now incomplete without these shoes....................................................and all that being said i am finding it very difficult to justify spending 300$ on a pair of shoes. 

Ah! the conundrum!
View them in much greater detail HERE


Just saw this shirt on one of my all-time favorite blogs Style Bubble and i am completely smitten.
It's by the brand Inside Out and it is just perfect (especially for Houston, since the weather here makes simply looking at wool horrific).  I love how the print makes the shirt look so cozy and yet, because its a print, super modern. If i ever wore this i would make sure to document people's reaction to the discovery that it is not actually a sweater at all, in hopes that i would get some confused brow wrinkling, and approving smirks.