I realized that i haven't really said very much about me, or what i'm trying to do with this blog. SO this post is in order to remedy that. (Also to warn you of what you're getting into)

So, I love Whales. Specifically Orca Whales. aka Killer Whales. 
I also love Natalie Portman (this probably grew out of the extremely misguided people who think i resemble her)
I also love fashion. More than i sometimes remember. (yeah...that makes a great deal of sense)
I rarely make anything that could be mistaken for an attractive face in pictures

And now! For some pictures I felt would complement the above!
This is me dancing. See how cute i am with my deformed legs, sour face, and lovely grungey clothing?

Attempting a smile (sorry for the almost obscene view down my shirt...)

 Attempting a "come hither/sex goddess" pose. Obvious failure goin' on, not to mention i dislocated my leg right and somehow look like this picture was taken post-stumble. Oh well, i have a pretty watch on!
Yeah tell me again NOT TO CLIMB THE FENCE 
(pardon the strange animal that apparently replaced my perfectly coiffed hair)

Well damn. This picture was supposed to show my super cool purple locks. But it has let me down. Still kind of neat though. 
Felt bobby pins made by a friend of my mothers.

Now, any questions?

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