Let's Ruush it!

Whilst procrastinating (aka everything on this blog) I fell across the magazine Russh.
Instantly intrigued I used my awesome deductive skills to the Russh website(...its russh.bigcartel.com) where I almost fell out of my chair at the OUTRAGEOUS price of a yearly international subscription. It's a walloping 150$! Can you believe it?!
I cant...wait. yes i can.
The world is a crazy place, a crazy crazy expensive place.  Hence i get 75% of my clothing at thrift stores.  

Do i have a point? Ya, I do.  I shall express it in the best way i know how, through media! 
Preeeeety pictures, await thee
Eniko Benny Horne6 copy 2
Eniko Benny Horne7
Eniko Benny Horne9
Eniko Benny Horne16
Eniko Benny Horne18
Eniko Benny Horne15
Eniko Benny Horne11
Russh December/January 2010
Irina & Eniko

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